Tuesday, July 21, 2009


i've been experiencing SERIOUS computer troubles...
***pulling hair out***
soo... until the plague is taken care of,
i'll have to resort to cleaning my house :(

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

double trouble!

TwoKnit has kindly added TWO of our listings to her knit loving treasury!
What an honor to be featured with so many talented knitters from all over the world!

Thank TwoKnit!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i almost forgot

... what my favorite childhood breakfast was! i can't believe it! and what's more, i can't believe my parents ever let me eat it ;o)


you say?

"what's wrong with those?"

ahh, but its NOT the cheerios, its how you EAT the cheerios...how i'm eating them right now.

no milk. three tablespoons of sugar.

yeah, if you look closely, that is NOT milk in that bowl...its good old fashioned plain white sugar! and boy is it good! when you scrape your spoon on the bottom of the bowl, ahh...

oh, and did i mention that it never gets soggy! wohoo!

oh, and just in case you are wondering, i haven't shared this little secret with my kids...lol!

but they do love cheerios ...as you can tell, they broke into the box themselves...

i wonder how many pounds of cheerios i've eaten in my lifetime?


....full treasures!

a big thank you to geminiriverrocks for including our hat in her super cute treasury!

be sure to check it out and click and comment!

Friday, July 10, 2009

just look

at these beautiful eyes!!
my latest treasury! enjoy! ...oh, and don't forget to click and comment!

ac and soap...

...add a little water, and what do you get?
a bubble machine!

i must warn you that the floor in front of the ac is now
i believe this is going to be another job for my handy dandy steam mop

Thursday, July 9, 2009


...i amaze myself....

yeah, basically my intelligence
...*eyes rolling*...

steam mop the floor....give kids popsicles.



...things here have been a little on quiet side...
now, don't get me wrong, i'm just talking about blogs and etsy and whatnot...

they've been quite the opposite here on the home front... quite.

summer is wonderful, but boy is it LOUD!

i must admit, my favorite time of day is 30 min. of mandatory summer reading...(which i might add, has already come and gone this morning...sigh)...

actually, i've seen some REALLY creative stuff going on here...in this crazy house, stuff that we just don't have time for during the school year, stuff that requires a LOT of scotch tape :) but hey, i love to see what kind of things my kids come up with, so i'm willing to sacrifice my hoarded scotch tape (that they always manage to find) just so they can create....a top hat out of paper, picket signs requesting permission to watch Monster Bucks, construct a tower out of popsicle stick or just plaster their art work all over the bedroom walls.

it makes life interesting...and that's what i love about my kids...

they are VERY interesting!

oh, and pretty crafty too...

okay, okay...i had to brag, but i thought that this was pretty cool...

the picture on the left was painted by my grandmother...and one of my monkeys copied it...i think its a keeper...no cylindrical file for that one ;o)

so...not only have my kids been crafty...gramma and i have managed to whip up a few new items...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

wordless wednesday

...i guess that's what you'd call it, cause i ain't got no words today. i thought you'd enjoy this picture tough...

this is dh's work of art, by the way.

Monday, July 6, 2009

i've got

...sprouts! little green sprouts!

i finally worked up the courage to finish planting last week, and amazingly enough....little green sprouts are poking their heads out today! YaY!


..and baby legs put together a great youtube video, as a thank you to all the military moms....


oh, and i just happen to know a couple of cuties in the video ;o)....you've got to check it out! and then be sure to visit Mom4Life ... best mom store EVER!

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! God Bless America !

Thursday, July 2, 2009

i think its time

...to pass on my ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD...i've been holding onto it for dear life, but hey, i can't keep it forever, right?

so now i ask for a drum roll, please!!!!!!!!!

each one of these blogs are unique and yes, LOVELY...so check them out, i hope you love them as much as i do!