Wednesday, May 27, 2009

dump trucks and

...big rocks! i've been thinking about them a lot lately. here are a few of my favorites.
cindyhooks aka... the polka dot monkey ....has created this really sweet toddler shirt...check out all her super cute stuff!

AmyRoseDesigns has some SERIOUSLY adorable stuff, check out her lovey blankets and bibs! TotsOnly how cute is this step stool?

nindesign makes these fabulous wooden toys with non toxic materials made in the USA! check them out!

well...i just thought i'd share a few of my many dump truck favorites... all inspired by gramma harv's recent trips to the ER with kidney stones ;0) and this picture that my oldest brother sent her way

Got It, Gramma!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

a few new photos

...from a recent photo shoot!



...kinda days!

that's what the last few days have been around here! i just can't even think about doing laundry or cleaning bathrooms...i wanna go outside!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hit the


Gramma's Emerald and Violet hat has been nominated as one of the Storques May Flowers! visit and vote HERE!

Monday, May 18, 2009

i can't see straight

...until i put my eyeballs in.

everything is a blurr....
kinda like this....

but since its monday morning, and the scenery around me is actually worse when it is IN focus...
i think i'll leave my eyeballs on the bathroom counter!
  • in case you were wondering...this bird was in our back yard yesterday, huh?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


...that's what i am.....ACK!!!

this week is testing week at my house....

gramma has been knitting outside, basking in the sunshine with the little ones, (she's been knitting a special hat for a certain little king who's birthday is comming up)while the unfortunate testers and i are cooped up inside....seriously this is killing me...i have a TON of yard work i would LOVE to do....but, school comes first....

so here is a quick little catch up post.....

mother's day was awesome...even though we did spend a good part of the afternoon chasing an escaped rabbit....a small lesson in...CLOSE the cage before you pick flowers...

the May Crowning at Church turned out beautiful...nothing sweeter than little girls and bundles of flowers for Our Lady

i'm really excited...i received my headbands from Garlands of Grace on Monday...they are awesome...way, awesome....i'm tellin' you, these girls have thought of everything! i can't wait to show it off to my sil's, and i'm sure they will be jealous ;0)

my sister, sil and i all managed to land a treasury at the same time! too much fun ;o)

due to house is a total disaster...i now have a laundry pile that is mile high...yippee!!

and well...basically that's about all the updates i have, for now....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

drip drip

check out MY newest treasury!

also check out my sister's here
and my sil's

more lovely

....lady bugs!

thank you so much to blumenkind for adding our lady bug cocoon to her treasury!

Monday, May 11, 2009

sweet lady

....gotta love this treasury!

A BIG Thank You to Bloom Creations for including OUR sweet little lady!

Friday, May 8, 2009

mother, wife, daughter, teacher

......and plumber????

yes, i am quite versatile...and pretty proud of my mad plumbing skills, thanks to my good old days at reno's pizza....i can now wash my dinner dishes from last night! Yippee!!!

here's a fun one

....i happened upon this treasury this morning! Thanks Oggi for including our Best Friends Hats!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

simply cozy the name of my SIL at gemsbowtique's VERY FIRST TREASURY! She is so excited! And so am i, of course!

Check it out!


...sheets! what should i do with them???

at first sight, i thought, "WoW those are shockingly ugly!" ...but i'm starting to think that they could be made into some really cute sun dresses....ya think?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i did it!

i figured out how to add a picture of my treasury to the blog.
YaY! and you can even click on the picture to get there!

thank you to Max's World for the helpful hints!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

mooos n oinks

i created my very own treasury today...
i LOVE it!!!
i wanted to post a picture if it, but i'm totally NOT smart when it comes to that sort of thing, so all you get is a link
click HERE if you're curious ;o)

treasury day

we've been featured in a couple treasuries today!!!

purple OR green by JaEmArt


cute babies from top to bottom



mud, mud, mud

...and i need SOAP!

spring rain is on it's way, and 12 little feet love mud puddles!

let's make some bubbles!

i guess the question is....what kind????????




and no bath would be complete without....
Oliver the Soap Saving Monster!!
and all the other great soaps from

Monday, May 4, 2009

the good stuff

....that's what's on my mind right now. this weekend was full of "the good stuff". good company, good food and good drinks, amongst a few other good things...things that don't happen everyday..

such as....

  • buying a new pillow (i've yet to try it out for a full 8 hrs sleep, by the way)...

  • i sneaked a box of better cheddars into my shopping cart on saturday (i'm hoarding them)...

  • i managed to clean a 4 ft radius of the basement (now you can walk through the door without tripping over a multitude of basketballs and kites)

  • i made a mental list if brilliant ideas for herb/flower gardens ( just have to convince dh of their brilliance)...

  • i realized that i now have only ONE child in diapers.....

  • i've discovered that mudslides make a great substitute for margaritas
    (especially when the blender explodes all over the kitchen..happily, not my kitchen)

  • a few unexpected yard sale finds (yes, i'm a sucker for yard sales, i'll admit it)

  • spending time with my dear sils and my mama (yes, there was a little knitting going on)

  • remembering that i have an awesome photo prop in mom's attic (gotta figure out how to sneak it home)

  • my dh surprised me with a dozen roses ( i think he likes me ;o))...

  • did i mention i got a dozen roses??

so yes, my weekend was pretty sweet....but mostly it was just a relaxing weekend spent with family.... THAT's the good stuff!

Friday, May 1, 2009



a big thank you to MYSTICWYND for featuring our little piece of sunshine on this dreary day!