Wednesday, May 27, 2009

dump trucks and

...big rocks! i've been thinking about them a lot lately. here are a few of my favorites.
cindyhooks aka... the polka dot monkey ....has created this really sweet toddler shirt...check out all her super cute stuff!

AmyRoseDesigns has some SERIOUSLY adorable stuff, check out her lovey blankets and bibs! TotsOnly how cute is this step stool?

nindesign makes these fabulous wooden toys with non toxic materials made in the USA! check them out!

well...i just thought i'd share a few of my many dump truck favorites... all inspired by gramma harv's recent trips to the ER with kidney stones ;0) and this picture that my oldest brother sent her way

Got It, Gramma!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my "Dig It" gift gift set! Great picks for the feature.

  2. Love the dump truck. Very nicely done. Thanks for posting.