Monday, May 4, 2009

the good stuff

....that's what's on my mind right now. this weekend was full of "the good stuff". good company, good food and good drinks, amongst a few other good things...things that don't happen everyday..

such as....

  • buying a new pillow (i've yet to try it out for a full 8 hrs sleep, by the way)...

  • i sneaked a box of better cheddars into my shopping cart on saturday (i'm hoarding them)...

  • i managed to clean a 4 ft radius of the basement (now you can walk through the door without tripping over a multitude of basketballs and kites)

  • i made a mental list if brilliant ideas for herb/flower gardens ( just have to convince dh of their brilliance)...

  • i realized that i now have only ONE child in diapers.....

  • i've discovered that mudslides make a great substitute for margaritas
    (especially when the blender explodes all over the kitchen..happily, not my kitchen)

  • a few unexpected yard sale finds (yes, i'm a sucker for yard sales, i'll admit it)

  • spending time with my dear sils and my mama (yes, there was a little knitting going on)

  • remembering that i have an awesome photo prop in mom's attic (gotta figure out how to sneak it home)

  • my dh surprised me with a dozen roses ( i think he likes me ;o))...

  • did i mention i got a dozen roses??

so yes, my weekend was pretty sweet....but mostly it was just a relaxing weekend spent with family.... THAT's the good stuff!

1 comment:

  1. I agree, sounds like a great weekend!
    Definitely convince dh of a cool herb garden!
    Mudslides DO make a good substitute, and ( it was my kitche, just in case anyone in wondering!)
    Thanks for chilling yesterday, it was SO fun, as soon as the food was ready!