Friday, January 28, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


a hat designed for pigtails!!!

or wait....

is that just what happens when you get a fun package in the mail from

that's right!

baby z has been waiting for her new hand knit wool shorties!
and quite frankly, so has her mama.

we're taking cloth diapering to a whole new level here.
frightening, i know. 

but judging from the smiles here...

we just might be taking a step in the right direction!

for those of might be wondering what the benefits of a wool diaper cover might be, don't ask me!

ok, ok...i jest..
from what i've heard..

when coupled with a cotton or hemp fitted or prefold diaper

the natural fibers of wool are...
  • more breathable than most synthetics
  • highly absorbent
  • provide an excellent waterproof barrier
  • a renewable resource
  • when properly lanolized...anti-bacterial
  • you don't have to wash the cover after every use????
( honestly...this is what made me steer clear of cloth diapering for the last ten yrs..but i'm brave enough to give it a shot since i've officially taken the leap...and been declared insane by a few unnamed persons)

oh! and one last deciding factor!!
when they are hand knit by Mellon the creator of Roozkins
  • they are amazingly adorable!
so, baby z and i are gonna give this a shot.

she's pictured here in her Roozkins and hiding under them is a really cute Good Mama fitted diaper

oh, and just for the record...

i've already talked it over with Mellon,
and we've both decided that she should also carry pigtail hats in her shop.
look for them soon.
no joke.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

did you know

that i actually made these MYSELF?!

yes me, the NO i DON'T knit...and i don't wanna know how, thanks.
yes, that me.

usually i come up with the crazy ideas,
 and my mom
(aka. gramma harv)
works the magic.
she's awesome like that.

i designed these hats AND knit them all by my very own self.


if you want one
acutally, i should say...
one similar....

i just might
have one listed in our shop

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

it ain't like his mama makes it

but it must've  run a close second....

cause he took the pictures ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011

sometimes its really hard to decide

what color combo is right for your photoshoot...
especially if its for twins or even harder....

so, gramma harv and i have been working on a few color coordinated sets.
check them out!

decisions, decisions, decisions!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

and on the 12th

Day of Christmas

we started off with this...i kid you not.
 no, i did not suggest it.
nor would i suggest it to any of you.

can you imagine 12 drummers drumming...uh...lets not go there.

anyway this was followed by a visit from gramma harv and a few of her hats.


i really think gramma needs to make her photographer some fingerless mittens, don't you?

*hint, hint

so, that took up most of the morning and then it was followed by some REAL festivities.

the making and eating of our ...

King Cake

and who was the lucky "king" for the rest of the evening???

or should we say "queen"?

and with that....

i'd like to wish you all

 A Very Blessed Christmas!

its been wonderful to share our
12 Days of Christmas
with you!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

on the 11th

Day of Christmas

this mama heard the song

at breakfast

in six keys and five part harmony.

tomorrow, the Three Kings come!

warm up your singing voices!!