Wednesday, January 26, 2011


a hat designed for pigtails!!!

or wait....

is that just what happens when you get a fun package in the mail from

that's right!

baby z has been waiting for her new hand knit wool shorties!
and quite frankly, so has her mama.

we're taking cloth diapering to a whole new level here.
frightening, i know. 

but judging from the smiles here...

we just might be taking a step in the right direction!

for those of might be wondering what the benefits of a wool diaper cover might be, don't ask me!

ok, ok...i jest..
from what i've heard..

when coupled with a cotton or hemp fitted or prefold diaper

the natural fibers of wool are...
  • more breathable than most synthetics
  • highly absorbent
  • provide an excellent waterproof barrier
  • a renewable resource
  • when properly lanolized...anti-bacterial
  • you don't have to wash the cover after every use????
( honestly...this is what made me steer clear of cloth diapering for the last ten yrs..but i'm brave enough to give it a shot since i've officially taken the leap...and been declared insane by a few unnamed persons)

oh! and one last deciding factor!!
when they are hand knit by Mellon the creator of Roozkins
  • they are amazingly adorable!
so, baby z and i are gonna give this a shot.

she's pictured here in her Roozkins and hiding under them is a really cute Good Mama fitted diaper

oh, and just for the record...

i've already talked it over with Mellon,
and we've both decided that she should also carry pigtail hats in her shop.
look for them soon.
no joke.

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