Monday, June 29, 2009

against all odds

...i finally planted my tomato plants in my plot of dirt this weekend. i've yet to plant my peas and beans and squash...but i've got a ton of great excuses why they are still in the seed packets...believe me...they're legit, i'm sure of it.

maybe i'm an optimist, or maybe i'm just stubborn...yeah, yeah, maybe i'm both...but hey, what have i got to loose, right?

okay, here is what i'm up against...
  • my plants are minuscule...dixi cups were NOT a great idea, i do think i'll be growing dwarfed plants...i wonder how small dwarfed cherry tomatoes will be.
  • i'm late, VERY late...but that's nothing new, and really the weather hasn't been all that great anyway...hey, the poor things probably would have floated away in the rain we've been having, right?
  • then there is the know, all that poo i shoveled out of the back of my truck, well...there was ALOT of it, and it was FRESH, apparently TOO FRESH....rumor has it nothing should grow because of it's potency....go figure.
  • i still have to get my rear out there in the humidity to plant the second half of my garden...this will include using a spade to make rows and mounds...hey, that's physical labor! what do you think....

a) should i swallow my pride, and just give up?

b) just take care of my dwarfed plants and forget about peas and beans?

c) get my rear out there and start making rows? this is going to be the best garden i've grown yet!

i know, why don't we put it to a vote? be sure to hit the polls on my side bar and let me know what YOU think i should do. this ought to be interesting!


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Friday, June 26, 2009

another treasury!

i stumbled upon this little treasury...berries in the forrest
here's a great big thank you to BUBBLETIME for including our red polka dot sure to comment and click away and while you're at it give her some love and heart her's really sweet!

this, not so

...little guy came to visit last night! Such a sweety! His mom and I managed to get some really adorable picture of him in some of gramma harv's hats.....

and also in my SIL's hats from Gem's Bowtique.


and just one more thing! is one of MY latest creations...

i'm so doggone proud of myself .

dot your eyes!!!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

i won


how cool is that?

Kay....from KayLuna Design

awarded it to me!

???I was wondering WHAT in the WORLD is so LOVELY about my blog???
Kay says ,
"I'm passing it on to you because I love your blog and your artistic creativity!"
REALLY? WoW! How cool is that?
sooo, what do all of you loyal followers think? is it really that lovely? what do you like about my blog? what not? what would you like to see more of?
come on now, don't be shy...tell me...i'm all ears!
so anyway check out Kay's shop and her blog
and a big old fashioned hug to Kay....thanks Kay you made my DAY!
oh and i almost forgot...
i get to pass this award on to 15 of my favorite bloggers....
who will they be?
stay tuned to find out!

Monday, June 22, 2009

just case you were wondering...

aunt lu's hair didn't fall out...whew!!!

(i wonder what would happen if we switched places?!?)


!!!tomorrow's the day!!!


we will be giving away an infant pixie hat

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

this is

....what happens when two sister's, with nothing better to do (ha ha) get together!
its a good thing we know someone who makes hats, cause we may need one ;o)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

don't worry

...i've got everything under control...HA HA HA!

ok, so maybe not, but hey...i did get the car key alarm thingy back together...and it even works :)
wooo hoo!

so after i put my mad swiss army knife skills to work last night i headed off to wally's world to do some much needed shopping for, band aides (we go through them like water around know, they cure just about anything), food, diapers, etc.....

but this trip was just a little different than my usual....i had an extra "helper" with me...(i wish this keyboard had a "thumbs up button" cause i would insert it right here)

boy #1 (he's eight) came along to help his mama out (wally's takes on a whole new look when you spend 15 minutes sniffing all the different shampoo flavors trying to find a manly one)..., actually he's amazingly helpful ...he pushed the cart, while i carried the baby....

oh and of course he had plans of his own...
    • exchange his new bike for the second time due to a faulty tire...what a headache...why don't people care about quality any more?
    • cruise the fishing isle ... apparently he is in dire need of a new tackle box and lures and what not... i think it MAY have something to do with this......

      yes, he caught that this weekend....incredible, huh?

      but you know, where there is one that big...

      there are bound to be more...and hey, maybe even one just a tad bit bigger...and the only way to find out, is to spend 5 hrs in the fishing isle at wally's, apparently

      Monday, June 15, 2009

      for those of you

      ...who NEED to know...
      (all children HEAR THIS...cause im NOT gonna repeat it one more time)
      yes, that IS my key chain...NO i didn't just take it apart to see how it works....and YES, i did throw it in the washer...and NO I DID NOT check my pockets ( i never do...guess that's gonna have to change)...
      can someone PLEASE tell me which wire to cut to shut off the alarm?

      comming soon gramma's shop

      as always, gramma has come up with some super sweet creations over the weekend...she will be listing them shortly, but i thought i'd let you all have a sneak peek before i sent the picture to her! enjoy!

      Thursday, June 11, 2009

      i found my

      ....five yr old hard at work, getting her baby positioned for her "etsy photo shoot" yesterday...too cute...

      she took this picture all by herself...

      Wednesday, June 10, 2009

      Tuesday, June 9, 2009


      ...i've decided that i won't be going into the dairy business anytime soon...
      now,don't get me wrong, i have nothing against cows, or milk, or hay, or stinky barns, or anything like that....but yesterday my boys and i shoveled enough pooo to last a life time into my garden...ewww!

      let me just give you a small picture what its like to shovel out a pick up truck load of FRESH fertilizer...with two boys ages 7 & 8. it was far from glamorous, i assure you.

      i packed my oldest and youngest into dh's truck...given the instructions not to exceed 55mph on highway...we then proceeded to a local dairy... the farmer kindly took the time out of his busy day to dump two HUGE tractor scoop fulls of YOU KNOW WHAT (i was informed that they make this stuff every the old gentleman who bought the farm back in 1933) into the back of the truck....

      well, it settled nicely as i drove back home....right to the top of the wheel-wells...

      after lunch my crew and i headed outside to "spread the wealth"....and boy did we spread it... like always we can't do things the easy way....the tailgate doesn't open unless you have the magic touch...i don' we hefted each sticky shovelful over the the tailgate....boy#2 tends to DIVE right into the time we were done he was up to his rear in poo and i somehow managed to get a nice chunk right in the middle of my forehead, why am i not surprised by this??

      oh, and we did manage to find his boot before it completely disappeared....

      it took me an half an hr to wash out the truck and hose down the kids, afterwards, but the garden should be pretty doggone fertile now.

      now, if i could only get those tiny, wilted looking tomato plants to revive themselves and actually produce ONE tomato...i'd be happy....( or may just have to sneek off to the nearest nursery and swap them...shhh don't tell ;0)

      Monday, June 8, 2009

      flaming marshmallows

      ....and itsy bitsy fish.

      this weekend was actually quite busy...

      but somehow we found time to have a little campfire in our back yards with the kids...yes, complete with flaming marshmallows ;)

      we also spent some time at one of our favorite fishing holes with a few of the cousins...

      and i spent some quality time with my camera ;o)

      i love how it captures the water drops...

      Thursday, June 4, 2009

      Monday, June 1, 2009

      gramma's on the mend

      ...and thanks to some really great customers, her recovery has been alot of fun!

      here are a couple of the custom creations she whipped up last week...

      have any great ideas for funky hats?

      let gramma know!

      she's always looking for new ideas and loves making hats that fit YOUR personality!!!