Monday, June 29, 2009

against all odds

...i finally planted my tomato plants in my plot of dirt this weekend. i've yet to plant my peas and beans and squash...but i've got a ton of great excuses why they are still in the seed packets...believe me...they're legit, i'm sure of it.

maybe i'm an optimist, or maybe i'm just stubborn...yeah, yeah, maybe i'm both...but hey, what have i got to loose, right?

okay, here is what i'm up against...
  • my plants are minuscule...dixi cups were NOT a great idea, i do think i'll be growing dwarfed plants...i wonder how small dwarfed cherry tomatoes will be.
  • i'm late, VERY late...but that's nothing new, and really the weather hasn't been all that great anyway...hey, the poor things probably would have floated away in the rain we've been having, right?
  • then there is the know, all that poo i shoveled out of the back of my truck, well...there was ALOT of it, and it was FRESH, apparently TOO FRESH....rumor has it nothing should grow because of it's potency....go figure.
  • i still have to get my rear out there in the humidity to plant the second half of my garden...this will include using a spade to make rows and mounds...hey, that's physical labor! what do you think....

a) should i swallow my pride, and just give up?

b) just take care of my dwarfed plants and forget about peas and beans?

c) get my rear out there and start making rows? this is going to be the best garden i've grown yet!

i know, why don't we put it to a vote? be sure to hit the polls on my side bar and let me know what YOU think i should do. this ought to be interesting!


  1. They are going to be wonderful tomatoes, just you wait and see.