Tuesday, June 9, 2009


...i've decided that i won't be going into the dairy business anytime soon...
now,don't get me wrong, i have nothing against cows, or milk, or hay, or stinky barns, or anything like that....but yesterday my boys and i shoveled enough pooo to last a life time into my garden...ewww!

let me just give you a small picture what its like to shovel out a pick up truck load of FRESH fertilizer...with two boys ages 7 & 8. it was far from glamorous, i assure you.

i packed my oldest and youngest into dh's truck...given the instructions not to exceed 55mph on highway...we then proceeded to a local dairy... the farmer kindly took the time out of his busy day to dump two HUGE tractor scoop fulls of YOU KNOW WHAT (i was informed that they make this stuff every day..by the old gentleman who bought the farm back in 1933) into the back of the truck....

well, it settled nicely as i drove back home....right to the top of the wheel-wells...

after lunch my crew and i headed outside to "spread the wealth"....and boy did we spread it... like always we can't do things the easy way....the tailgate doesn't open unless you have the magic touch...i don't...so we hefted each sticky shovelful over the the tailgate....boy#2 tends to DIVE right into things...by the time we were done he was up to his rear in poo and i somehow managed to get a nice chunk right in the middle of my forehead, why am i not surprised by this??

oh, and we did manage to find his boot before it completely disappeared....

it took me an half an hr to wash out the truck and hose down the kids, afterwards, but the garden should be pretty doggone fertile now.

now, if i could only get those tiny, wilted looking tomato plants to revive themselves and actually produce ONE tomato...i'd be happy....( or may just have to sneek off to the nearest nursery and swap them...shhh don't tell ;0)


  1. You are a brave soul! Hope that the tomatoes perk up.

  2. Ah HA! So that's what's up with all the cow poo :) I was beginning to worry about you!