Friday, September 11, 2009


...i know you all wonder where i've been, and miss me dreadfully, ha ha!
well, i've been pretty busy with the usual things a mother of six gets busy know
vacuuming 3-4 times a day, so my human vacuum cleaner doesn't get to the crumbs before i do
picking more zucchini than anyone in the whole world knows what to with (if you are ever in a pinch and think you might starve, plant zucchini.)
chasing the two yr old away from the fridge (right now she is walking around with a block of cheese, apparently her forehead hurts and this is her "ice bag"

butchering rabbits? how in the world did i get myself into this? (ok, so i didn't actually do the butchering, but i watched...that counts, right?)rabbit speedies anyone?
started school on wednesday...grades 3,2,1 and pre-school. now this..this is amazing!..
so, enough about my life...what about gramma harv? what's she been up to?
64 of those babies...ALL DONE!
now, on to her next project...
you should see her smokin knitting needles!


  1. You actually vacuum? Impressive!! I just let the human vacuum cleaner eat the crumbs...LOL! I've got grades 6, 4, 2, pre-K and a crumb-muncher. Day 4...Wahoooo!

    Beautiful work, Gramma Harv!

  2. i'm jealous. i don't currently have a crumb muncher. gotta wait a few more months for that. i currently have grades 3,2,2,k,pre-k, i-now-have-my-own-box-of-markers-that-means-i-have-permission-to-write-on-anything-i-like-2yr-old, and pre-crumb-muncher! day four almost down.... just an art project to go :)

  3. vaccuuming is the ONLY thing i makes me feel sane, even if the dishes are piled to the sky..and i can't find the bottom of my laundry also blocks out ALOT of noise..its kind of my "happy place"