Thursday, January 28, 2010


i've been a very bad blog friend to you all. im sorry. 
its just that i've been severly addicted to my newest craft craze. bad excuse, huh?
 i know, i know....
i blame it all on my mom and her teaching me to be creative since i was a kid....
her teaching me how to knit
 (i'm still in denial about this part).
 really, its all HER fault!
so, dear blog readers you are not the only ones who suffer from my love for kool aid...

my children groan everytime i say they can't have that flavor of kool aid because i have other plans for it.
my poor husband wonders what he should do with the drip drying yarn that is hanging in the shower.
gramma harv has had to take special trips to the grocery store to find the right colors for me
but, like i said,
its all her fault anyway.
hey, i never even wanted to know how to knit!!!

but, i promise i'll try to be kinder to ya'll...

and since you've been so patient i guess i should take the time to share these......

this project is nearly finished....maybe tonight

and this one...well,

i guess we'll all have to wait and see what the "mystery ball" has hiding inside it!

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