Thursday, February 18, 2010

the saga continues......

so, i've been back online,

(yeah, there's always one of those)

my desktop is still SERIOUSLY broken. trashed. dead. you get the picture.
 thankfully we got a full protection plan when the bought the hideous contraption a few years ago, because it has been nothing but a headache from day one.
 anyway, today the repair man is coming. that's pretty normal, right? WRONG! we don't do things the "normal" way around here. ever. that would be, boring? yeah. we like excitement, apparently.

 the repair guy is coming to my mom's house to fix my desktop. there is no way the poor guy could even dream of making it up our infamous driveway.  i can just imagine his van sliding backwards down our luge and wrapping it around the telephone pole at the bottom....probably wouldn't be a pretty sight.
 nope, not pretty.

 this morning, i packed up...

  •  my kids (coats and hats included...yes, a milestone)

  •  their school work  ('nuff said about THAT)

  • my camera (can't leave home without it you know)

  • diaper bag (shouldn't leave home without that either, but i've been guilty of it many times before)

  • repair parts for the computer that were shipped to my house

  • my desktop.... computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard, and even all the correct wires (i think)
with all this in tow,

i headed out the driveway,

 leaving my cozy little house on the hill (aka. the  glacier) with a fully stoked coal fire burning for gramma harv's....
and here i sit, waiting.......

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