Thursday, December 30, 2010

oh! i almost forgot....

i MUST share this picture with you.

but first...let me explain.

you see...this house if full of Christmas "traditions"...
traditions that MUST not be broken.

there are three kinds of them in our household.

(the normal kind)

decorate the tree the week before Christmas...leave it up till the Epiphany
celebrate all 12 days of Christmas

(the family kind)

the kids get their new Christmas outfits on Christmas morning.
that is their ONE gift, before we head off to Mass.
this year, we bought the boys suits.
they look so cute and handsome. sigh.

(the fashion blunder kind)

yes, my son wore his $1.94 target clearance shoes with his new suit, as an altar boy on Christmas morning.
i love that boy.

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