Tuesday, February 8, 2011

since i can't leave well enough alone


especialy when it comes to wool and kool aid,
i got all "creative" with this handknit wool soaker i made....

as a matter of fact, i get so excited..
.i can hardly wait to finish a project, before i give it a dunk in a kool aid bath

(see all the unfinished strings hanging out)

then i got really "creative" and decided to do a fade job..

so, here is what i did...

i followed these 10 easy steps

yes i said EASY! and there really are only 10!


1. Choose the object you wish to dye (i picked this unsuspecting wool soaker or diaper cover)

2. Bring a Pot of water to a rolling boil

3. Add about a 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the water

4. Add 2 packages of  Kool Aid color/flavor of your choice

5.Decide where you want the dye to be.

(since i only wanted 1/2 of my project to be dyed, i used cooking tongs to hold half of my project above the water, like this

6. Dunk your project in the pot like this.

7. Let it sit in the boiling water until the water is clear and your project has soaked most of it up.
(this takes about 10 minutes)


8. Remove from heat and run under cold water. Rinse till the water runs clear.

9. Lay flat on a towel and roll to soak out some of the excess water.
10. lay flat and air dry (if its wool)

and now you know the 10 easy steps i use to dye things with Kool Aid

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