Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Monday Rules

Easter Monday ‎Rules of the Day are as follows and not necessarily in order stated....

  • plastic egg throwing in the house is forbidden.
  • sneaking outside to have egg wars in the rain and mud is also forbidden
  • all candy consumption is forbidden before lunch
  • gum is candy
  • you may not store squished half chewed gum in your pocket for later
  • do not stuff or store your candy wrappers in the corners of the couch
  • candy wrapper collections are also forbidden
  • if you are desperate enough to eat the squished candy off the floor, feel free
  • each child must consume at least one hard boiled egg today
  • any and all eggs that you crack in egg wars must be eaten
  • overdosing on eggs is also not permissible
  • do NOT eat eggs with shells on
  • all unclaimed candy may/will be consumed by the mother at any given time


  1. lol that is funny. My DS likes to walk around the house and find things that are on the floor to eat (even though he JUST ate lunch). My DD woke up asking for candy for breakfast...ummmm no! I have eaten some...uh hem most...of their candy that was just laying around.

    Thank goodness we didn't even dye eggs this year or I might have a REAL mess on my hands!

  2. your grandmother had a candy wrapper collection*... this should not be forbidden. just sayin.

    *note: her candy wrappers were all ironed and neatly stacked in her drawer.