Thursday, May 5, 2011

my "work space"

for desuprovidebit and home school work looks something like this...

on a good day.

but my real "work space" looks a little more like this

everyday, i wake up to these beautiful eyes.
i get to see the world through these eyes each and everyday!

everyday, i'm thankful.

thankful for the amazing gift i've been given....
the gift of being a mom!

my real job, everyday, is to form these little people.

i must form them into kind, loving and charitable souls.

its the most challenging job in the world, but the most rewarding!

so really,
on a good work space may look nothing like i wish it would

i may have a sink full of dirty dishes,
my laundry pile may be taller than i am,
the floor might be covered in play dough,
dinner might be a little bit burnt


if i held my babies and wiped theie tears,
laughed at the silly faces they made,
taught them to love one another,
danced with them in the kitchen,
 held a hand while we looked out the window with fingerprints all over it...waiting for daddy to come home

then my "work space" was made a litttle more beautiful

and thats what really matters.


  1. Wonderful reminder of the importance of the children God's has placed in each of our homes.

  2. Oh that's beautiful! Your workspace has beautiful eyes. And how can you not see God in those eyes!

    This is a great segue into my Mother's Day post, which is not completed yet. But my post is going to be about how becoming a mom opened the flood gates - of tears, that is. And reading a lovely post like this...brings tears to my eyes!

  3. This is, by far, my favorite bloggy post. Beautifully written, my friend. *tears of joy*

  4. WOW. JUST WOW! This is making me cry! Awesome, simply awesome. So glad I found your blog! AM looking forward to more of your posts. XOXOXO --Kim