Thursday, June 16, 2011

whats in your closet?

 i was forced to find out the hard way....
the shelving in my closet collapsed

and the only way to get into it to repair the disaster,
was to remove all the rubble.

i will now list some of the more interesting things i found today.
in no particular order of importance.

  • dear daughter's spica cast
  • my kindergarten papers and awards
  • an extra infant carseat
  • my wedding dress and cake topper
  • the leather snoopy jacket i wore in high school
  • combat boots
  • a crib bumper i'll never use
  • my snoopy figurine collection
  • "it's a boy" cigars
  • scrapbook supplies
  • grow boxes for boys and girls of all ages and sizes
  • one lonely flip flop
  • etc, etc, etc....
upon closer inspection,  (four hrs later) i've also found...
  • countless coloring books
  • lost photos
  • the sweater my grandmother knit
  • pictures of my husband with Pope John Paul II
  • the plastic easter eggs i hid and couldn't find one day later

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