Thursday, August 18, 2011

zucchini disasters 101

zucchini watermelon splash....need i say more???

when i was a kid my mom would "hide" zucchini in things like potato pancakes, soups and spaghetti...
she was awesome like that...even though i didn't really think so at the time.

im not so awesome, 
i  blatantly blend up horrible concoctions for my kids to try...
i know they are going to be traumatized for life.

this looks innocent enough, right?
what kid doesn't love a healthy snack?

lets just call these zucchini "chips"

(which no amount of photo shopping can even make look pretty)

the epic zucchini fail of all time.
if there was an award for that, they'd win.
hands down.

i wonder if the chickens will even eat them?

anyway, i've got a few more disastrous ideas up my sleeve...

what do you think?
  • zucchini candy
  • zucchini pizza
  • zucchini ice cream
  • zucchini marshmallows

ok, ok..i jest. promise.



  1. How do they taste? Do you put some spices on them? :)

  2. I love zucchini bread, but have never had anything else zucchini over than stir-fried. If you decide to make zucchini ice cream, please blog about it...I'm very curious.

  3. BWAHAHHA! You are awesome, how about zucchini potato latkes???