Friday, September 16, 2011

its fall

and im in denial,
which means that i forget to have my kids grab sweatshirts when we go places...
but the warm, summer weather quickly turns chilly  as the sun goes down.
so to solve my problem, i like to keep a bag full of sweaters in the car for those "emergency" moments
 this means i need a bag that hold NINE sweaters...
yes, i said NINE!!

where does one find a bag that holds NINE sweaters with room to spare?

my friend Jane,
 from Maiden Jane has the solution!!!
check this out!

all NINE sweaters not only FITS in this bag, but there is plenty of room to spare...

i even have room to add a little extra cargo


  1. Oh that is precious! Perhaps I need a bag that can fit ALL the kids in it??? I am glad you have found the practicality of the tote. You will always be prepared now!

    And thank you for sharing!

  2. that is one awesome tote! :) i need something like that.
    i'll take a second to put the kids in as jane said - that way i won't forget them either. ;)