Wednesday, November 30, 2011

belgian waffles

 were not meant to be made this way...

you will soon realize that flipping the waffle maker over onto a bowl, will cause much shattering of one of your favorite already chipped breakfast bowls.

(you may also realize that your ten yr old, is now wearing the same shoe size as a matter of fact, he's wearing your shoes to help with the clean up...uh, when did that happen?)

your waffles will end up looking not so belgian...

and your toddlers will look something like...


 my advice..

put a lot of whipped cream on whatever it is, and call it good


  1. I was going to have yogurt for breakfast; now I want whipped cream.

  2. Firstly, this is hilarious. Secondly, you have discovered how to make those cool waffle-y pretzels. And thirdly, I need to have a Belgian waffle now!

  3. three things:
    1) aren't waffles supposed to puff up on their own? you should try it again with more batter... and a video camera.
    2)sorry to hear about your favorite bowl... maybe some glue?
    3) ummm... 10 year old fits in your shoes? not surprised. my almost 8 year old can almost wear mine - and she's not 10 and my foot's larger than yours... but your shoes are cute.
    no, wait, four...
    4)z baby needs more sugar.