Friday, June 15, 2012

DIY Father's Day Gift...

here is the little message the kids and i put together yesterday!

the kids had a blast putting this together
(except for z...thanks to the helicoptor that flew over etc.)

after brightening  up the colors with photoshop
(i really wanted them to pop out scream "look over here" on my bedroom wall.)

i sent them these pics to wally world's  one hour photo

and had them printed into 5x7's which i will frame in four seperate frames and hang in our room.

if you hurry..
this could be a great last minute gift
and really, you can make any message you want...

if you don't have enough kids,
just borrow the neighbor's


use things that are special to YOUR dad and write your message with them.
you get the idea, right?

have fun!