Thursday, March 26, 2009

nothing new

the kids helped themselves to breakfast this morning...yes, even the two yr old monkey...she can't reach the cereal bowls, but the snack containers in the bottom drawer seem to work quite well!?!

i guess that's what happens when mama tries to blog with one hand and hold the fussy babe in the other....

forget the coffee...i'll spare you pictures of the two cup measuring glass that i've been using for the last two weeks, because i broke the carafe....and this morning the filter slipped and the little hole got clogged...mmmm! crunchy coffee!!!

don't worry...the new pot is in the mail...along with some gourmet coffee! you can expect a post about THAT!

oh! gramma harv is bringing over some of her hats this afternoon....i think she has a couple new ones for us...i'll keep you posted!
until then...

i leave you with the monkey.

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