Monday, August 17, 2009

i dare you try and find a tomato plant in this!
how about some purple beans?

yeah, i'm a little behind on my weeding, but i am SOO pleased with how my garden is actually doing!
i picked my first zucchini today, and i'm sure there are about a million more to come! any ideas for zucch use will be greatly appreciated ;o)

im not sure if it was meant as a cruel trick or not,
but i do get a little fright every time i glance out at my little jungle...
my dh and sons strategically place their practice target RIGHT next to it...

oh, and practice MUST be done from a tree stand, so guess who got to climb up in the tree stand to secure it?....

1 comment:

  1. I would love a veggie garden...but it has been SO dry and hot here in Texas and I'm spending a small fortune to keep my grass green...not sure I could afford to keep a veggie garden green too! When I saw the deer I thought it was real for a second there...hee hee