Monday, December 14, 2009


what are you having for dinner tonight?

i think it's time to try something new in our house... so i'm going to try this

i wonder if mine will be nearly as pretty. probably not.

did i ever tell you that i worked in a pizza parlor?
well, i did....for 4 1/2 years..
.the BEST family resturant in my small home town...
and now it doesn't even exsist anymore...
never thought i'd say this....
but i really miss that place!


  1. I think you can make it as pretty! And it looks delicious too! Are you making purple dough? ;)

  2. Mmmm. I went there on my first trip to Washington when Carol was pregnant with Clara. I had the best white sauce pizza there!! I was very sad when they closed. I was hoping to go there every time I visited. I didn't know you worked there though... If you know the recipe for that white sauce pizza Dulles made please share!! (btw - if you didn't know I'm Carol's sis! She told me about your blog).

    Hope your pizza turned out well. Homeade pizza is my fave.

  3. sharonabelle~ no, i didn't make it purple, only because i didn't think of it until it was too late!

    abby~ i WISH i knew the recipe for the white sauce, but they started making that after i left. i used to wish that they would make i know i missed out :(

    the pizza was yummy...and there are even left overs for lunch (if i don't eat them all before then!)

    oh, and yes....i know your carol's sis...everyone knows that aunt abby is as cool as aunt larry!