Tuesday, December 8, 2009


for those of you who may be wondering where in the world i have been for the last month or so..i have no excuses, as a matter of fact,i really have no idea! sometimes the real world takes over around here...

and laundry and dishes must be taken care of, fridges must be cleaned (yeah, that's still one of those things i need to get around to doing), floors must be washed (thank goodness for steam mops!) toilets must be scrubbed and somebody must pull out the furniture to find all the "treasures" that have been lost. then of course the fire must be tended, the children educated, the husband fed, coffee must be brewed (for sanity's sake)....need i go on? probably not, my guess is that you get the picture.

speaking of pictures, how about a few...just for fun?

you see, the snow started to fly, just a tad bit before i was ready for it..(yeah, i know it's late this year) anyway....here is what you get, when most of the snow clothes are still in a bin in the basement...no, it doesn't stop fun and excitement around here (not much does)

cute, huh!?!

yeah, really cute, you should see my girls bedroom..
oh wait..
no, you shouldn't!

hey, did i mention that i still have NOT even begun my Christmas shopping!
i know, i know...shocking!

here is another little secret
we don't have  a Christmas tree yet
(but don't worry, we never get around to that until they are all sold out..it makes life more exciting!)

i DID make an awesome Advent Wreath 
we won't mention that when we tried to light it, it caught on fire
no, we won't mention that.

and guess what...they are predicting a nice little snow storm!

 our driveway is the six flags theme park no one knows about in the winter!
(i dare you to attempt a trip up it..or better yet DOWN it!)

yeah, welcome to my real world. its crazy!

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