Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a little about me and a little about you!

One of my twitter friends My Little Girls Closet has posted "a little about me and a little about you!" on her blog. I figured i'd join in on the fun! Here are my answers.

Want to join in?

Take the first word of each line and fill in the rest! Post it on your blog and come back and link me!

Making: a mess, as usual

Cooking: yup it sure is! so stinkin hot out there.

Drinking: coffee...only i lost my cup...where did that go?

Reading: i think i've forgotten how.

Wanting: something to eat. im hungry.

Looking: at the little boy in pink training pants who is carrying around a package of crushed saltines in his mouth...i sure hope it doesn't open up and spill crumbs all over, but it probably will.

Playing: mind games with a toddler.

Wasting: the day away...sitting here at the computer.

Sewing: nothing...i should really start a new project, huh?

Wishing: someone would make me a whopper of a salad. i told you i was hungry.

Enjoying: the sleeping baby next to me.

Waiting: for that salad.

Liking: this summer vacation.

Wondering: what i should do with the half rotten raspberries the girls picked yesterday.

Loving: my three yr olds mop of curls.

Hoping: that i rains. don't ask me why.

Marvelling: at the mess on my kitchen floor...didn't it just get mopped yesterday?

Needing: to switch the laundry, again.

Smelling: nothing...thankfully.

Wearing: my favorite camo pants..YAY! they fit again.

Following: a trail of cracker crumbs.

Noticing: that its lunch time.

Knowing: that i have to get up and find something to feed the monkeys

Thinking: about running away..ok, maybe not...or maybe just till after lunch.

Bookmarking: cloth diapers...yeah, my newest obsession.

Opening: a can of paint (in my mind)

Giggling: at the thought of painting my girls bedroom...its gonna be bright orange.
Feeling: like its time for a nap.

1 comment:

  1. Cloth diapers are awesome! The Bumgenius 4.0s ship today!!! So exciting! (or would be if we ordered some, got one last week though)
    And for the raspberries - make jam!!! That's what I do with fruit that wants to turn... And if once you throw out the rotten ones there's very little left, make a apple-raspberry butter. Then the girls still feel good that they contributed to it and nobody gets a tummyache :)