Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A new pet??

Is it a tree frog? A parakeet?  A gecko?  A dog? A cat? A rabbit? A hamster? Sea monkeys?  A Hermit crab? A pet rock? A sugar glider? A chinchilla? A pig? A turtle?
nope, nope and nope!
Those were all good guesses, but NOPE.

yes, our new "pet" is a snail.
*rolling eyes*

honestly, i didn't think too much about him when the kids brought him inside the other day. they bring all sorts of creatures in, and want to keep them. so, i found a jar for them to make him a little home and they set it on the kitchen counter. surely, they'd forget about him within a few minutes and then he'd be sent back outside to where he belongs.
wrong again.

two days later, i found my dear daughter letting him take a stroll across my kitchen table
no joke.
i kid you not!

so, i guess its official, and he won't be going anywhere soon.
as a matter of fact,
he had a new little friend join him this morning..

i think we should give them names...
what'd ya think?

iggy and squiggy?

(thanks sweet twitter friends, you've nearly written my whole blog post today with all your guesses!)
 i honestly didn't even know what a sugar glider was and had to look it up. they are kinda cute.

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  1. Well, at least it wont shed! But there is that "slime trail" to consider...I hope slimy will be very happy!