Thursday, October 8, 2009

breaking tradition?

is it legal?
is a birthday really a birthday without a cake?
so, i know how tempting apple pie is,
 but is it REALLY a substitute for birthday cake? really?! i'm serious! its birthday CAKE, not birthday pie!  don't get me wrong. i love pie. just not birthday pie.


so, what does my little one ask for on her birthday?
you named!
 *rolling my eyes*

what is a mother to do if she can't make a birthday cake?
its one of the things i REALLY love to do for my kids
hey, i even like to pretend that i'm pretty good at it.

no glorious cakes. no messy frosting. no creativity.
just pie.

now for the really, really bad part.
i went birthday shopping, and guess who made the pie?

(which, by the way, is the cutest thing you've ever seen)

he's awesome!  i love him.


  1. don't get me started!

    oh, and *duck* i think baron started the whole birthday pie thing. sorryboutthat! really! you can throw the pie at him ;)

  2. OK, HOW much did her older brother PAY her to ask for apple pie? LOL...Happy Birthday Princess!