Friday, October 30, 2009

i've lost my mind

....and i can't find it!

what on earth would make a woman want a burnt grilled cheese sandwich with banana peppers on it for lunch?

i'm not sure, but maybe that could be hint #2 for all of you who are taking a guess at what my little secret is!
lets just say my diet, as of late, has been a little....odd.

  • cold leftover cube steaks fresh out of the fridge
  • dove chocolates
  • cheese, lots of cheese
  • banana peppers on just about ANYTHING
  • wasa multi grain crackers w/ cream cheese
  • saltines
oh, and last night i had a TERRIBLE craving for an iced coke slurpee


  1. AHA! I knew it! Waiting....for the official announcement:)

    But really...That sandwich is just really, really gross! LOL!!!

  2. it sounds like you are pregnant!

  3. lol! and you know what is scarier...i actually ate TWO of them!