Monday, October 26, 2009

FacciaFelice !!!!!!GIVEAWAY!!!!!

i'm celebrating this week! i have a little secret!
im giving something away!
one pair of

~Snow Flakes on Flower Fine Silver Earrings with Rose Gold Plated Hooks~

handmade by FacciaFelice

FacciaFelice means " Happy Face" and im sure that the  handcrafted jewelry in this shop will surely make your face happy!

each piece is beautifully made of fine silver, argentium or sterling silver. they are fashioned with love, filed, polished, fired, tumbled and polished with great care...and absolutely gorgeous!

custom ordering is also available!
get the perfect piece special made just for you!

Entering this giveaway is simple!

Visit FacciaFelice and in the comment section of this blog post let me know which item of FacciaFelice's is your favorite!

For extra entries
(please leave a note in the comment section for each additional entry)

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take a guess at what my little secret is!

giveaway ends at midnight November 1,2009

a random drawing will be held on November 2, 2009


  1. So Sweet! I love the little snowflake pendant in her shop! Matches the pretty earrings above:).

    As for the secret...Are you hiding a new little addition to your family? That must be it! You're expecting:). I hope I'm right! I can't possibly wait until November 1st to find out! You'd better tell us at midnight on the nose that day and not a second later! lol

    Following the blog but can't follow on Twitter since I had to quit in order to terminate my addiction:).

  2. Yay! Giveaways and secrets! :) I love the little owl-in-the-moon charm necklace. So sweet.

  3. I'm with Melody, I think it's a baby on the way!! I so want to know LOL!

    I love that cute little bunny necklace!

  4. Oh and I already follow your blog, am now following you on twitter, and also fanned your facebook page just for kicks ;)

  5. HB , I love the mini flower earrings. I hope you make a necklace to match.

    as far as your secret.. I'm so hoping your going to announce your expecting but my guess is your getting new purse :)

  6. Oh these are so cute!

    Okay, my favorite would be the mini flower post earrings. I love anything with flowers!

  7. I love the Heart and Vine necklace!

    Oh and I am pretty sure that you are expecting!

  8. i love the heart and vines pendant!

  9. is the secret an addition of a child???

  10. Pick me!!! My fav are the flower earrings. too sweet. And I think you have a litlle someone tucked under your heart. :)

  11. Although I usually wear bigger, pendant-tyoe earrings, I'm also a fan of the mini flowers. They're so simple in their form, yet captivating in the way the petals reach forward.
    And I can't think of any other secret than the big one already mentioned: you must be pregnant?

  12. I think the charm bracelet is very pretty and playful. I vote for the bracelet !


  13. ooooh! fun!
    i really like the mini earrings... both the hearts and the flowers.
    and for the secret... you're getting a new refrigerator? you cut your hair? painted your nails? gramma harv got a new stash of yarn? some new knitting needles? okay, so i could go on forever and ever....

  14. The heart and vines necklace is very pretty. But I like the snowflakes too.

  15. My favourite is the Snowflake necklace she's got in her shop- so pretty|! And I'll guess (like everybody else) that you're getting a new addition to the family :)

  16. My favorite is this

    because it is just too cute

  17. Is your little secret that your getting Married?

  18. Well I'm usually a hoops girl so I love those, but I love these cute little flowers too:

  19. hmm, Grandma Harv having another grandbaby is the secret I bet!!

  20. I'm diggin' the Cute or Scary Skull and Owl necklace! Too adorable!

  21. I love the snowflake earrings! But also love her large silver hoops (, such a classic, must have jewelry item.

  22. secret? Hmm... you won the lottery? And are going to give all your followers a share in the winnings?! ;)