Tuesday, October 13, 2009

more color

HARVEST color!

splendidthings put together this beautiful collection of harvest goodies for her treasury.....
stop by and check out each shop!

pumpkin patch earrings!
flower serving bowl!
pumpkin pie soap!
koi play guitar strap!
pumpkin hat!
fall macaroons!
keri - headband!
stuffed and painted doll!
pumpkin pie necklace!
pumpkin 8x10 print!
pumpkin spice handwarmers!
fabric potted plant!

and now....im seriously craving those cookies.


  1. That is one of the most charming treasuries, and the pumpkin hat is the focal point that makes it so delightful. I'm glad that I found your store- both the hats and the photography are beautiful.
    (OneClayBead on Etsy)

  2. It is a very well put together treasury. We are so happy to have our plant included in it. Thanks for posting it on your beautiful blog!

  3. Wow! You did a great job on this blog post! Thanks for the publicity as well! Your pumpkin hat is adorable and the minute I saw it I knew it needed to be in this treasury! Here's hoping for the front page!!!! Cheers, Jeanette at splendidthings.etsy.com

  4. awesome! thanks for posting this up on your blog! and thanks to jeanette and splendid things for including me in it!
    -- Jennifer


  5. That really is one adorable pumpking hat!!

    Thanks for the shout out and having little orange Ralphie over for a visit too!