Friday, October 2, 2009

pretty in pictures

...but WOW!
 this has some serious potential for disaster!

bearing this in mind, i bit the bullet (with my mom's help) and ventured out into a new world....
the world of a pioneer woman. HA!
yeah, i pictured my self in a soddy, with only a pot and my few treasured cucumbers and zucchini...(which i lovingly cared for from the day the were carefully planted in the warm earth)...preserving them for a long cold winter.

reality check.

i crossed my fingers and closed my eyes when i haphazardly spread seeds into my garden.
these veggies miraculously pushed their way through my over fertilized soil....survived a jungle of weeds, an over abundance of summer rain, too  little sunshine, 12 tiny feet, the blight, and even the deer!
yes,in spite of me, my veggies survived.
God is good.

so now, with my packet of pickle seasoning from wally's world and my measly 12 jars i proudly present my first canning event.
 pathetic, yes.
oh, i'd be sooo lost if it wasn't for modern conveniences.

but, i get so excited every time i glance behind me and see those jars sitting so neatly on my counter.

 i'm so proud of myself...
oh, and my mom too, cause if she wasn't there, i surely would have lost all courage, and canned the whole idea!


  1. Way to go girl! But I must say, you have a long way to go to reach what I did every summer for 10 yrs of my young life! Over 2, ooo quarts a yr, and I must admit, the last 3 yrs, it was mostly me! Get that practicing in, nexy yr, we'll have to make a great batch of salsa!

  2. MMMM. The veggies are gorgeous and now I'm craving pickles!